Klippan CarGO launched

Julkaistu: 6.6.2024
Klippan CarGO launched

The Klippan CarGO is a pure RWF child seat.

Klippan CarGO is R129 approved in range 40-105cm / 20 kg. The seat consist of a new base and the seat part. Klippan CarGO adapts with your child; the seat-part is both an infant carrier and child seat.

Klippan CarGO has also passed the Swedish Plus test performed by VTI.

Folksam Childseat-test 2023

Julkaistu: 11.9.2023
Klippan Opti129 Folksam *Bra Val*

The Swedish incurance company has in it's CRS test 2023 obtained the Klippan Opti129 with their "Good Choice" label.

Download Certificate: Klippan Opti129

Kind & Jugend Exhibition 7-9.9.2023

Julkaistu: 2.8.2023
Klippan Opti129 Sunshine @Kind&Jugend23

Klippan attend this year aswell at the Kind&Jugend fair in Cologne, Germany. We thank you all visitors and customers for the shown interest.

Updated ISO quality and enviromental certificates for 2023-2026

Julkaistu: 2.8.2023
Updated ISO quality and enviromental certificates for 2023-2026

The company has been granted updated ISO quality and enviromental certificates (ISO9001 and ISO14001) for period 2023-2026.

Changes in company organisation

Julkaistu: 1.1.2022
Changes in company organisation

The company's longtime share-holder and CEO Leo Martin, has been appointed as the company's chairman of the board from 1.1.2022. 

The Board has at same time appointed Hans Bäckström as the new CEO for Oy Klippan Ab starting from 1.1.2022. Hans has worked since 2001 in the company's various tasks, most recently with sales and logistics.

Oü Adniel kokonaan Klippanin omistukseen

Julkaistu: 28.12.2021
Oü Adniel kokonaan Klippanin omistukseen

Oy Klippan Ab now owns the entire share capital in Oü Adniel.

Oü Adniel, located in Kuressaare Estonia, which offers sewing services is an important part of the manufacture of our seat-covers for our child seats. With this action, we want to ensure in these challenging times the production of seat-covers for our child seats close to our assembly in Vantaa.

Kind & Jugend fair 9-11.9.2021

Julkaistu: 23.8.2021
Kind & Jugend 2021

We will show our current as well as new childseat products at the fair. We will keep Covid 19 restrictions in mind at the stand.

The new homepage with integrated web-shop is launched 27.11.2020

Julkaistu: 24.11.2020
Check out the item on the image above

The new homepage with integrated web-shop is launched 27.11.2020. In the asortment you find items from screws to child seats.

Klippan Opti129 launched on the Nordic market 1.10.2020

Julkaistu: 1.10.2020
Klippan Opti129 launched on the Nordic market 1.10.2020

The Klippan Opti129 is a pure RWF child seat.

So far, the iSize approved seats have all been approved with Isofix installation, but Klippan Opti129 has been approved as the first seat to be installed according to the new iSize R129 regulation in the 61-125cm range with 3P belt installation. This installation gives us the opportunity to offer seats that has a longer time of RWF use than an Isofix seat can.

Klippan Opti has also passed the Swedish Plus test performed by VTI.

Achievers 2019, Kauppalehti journal

Julkaistu: 30.4.2019
Achievers 2019, Kauppalehti journal

Klippan has obtained the "Kauppalehti Achiever 2019" award 30.4.2019. On the basis of the number comparisons, the company is ranked among the best companies in Finland.

Certificate can be viewed from the logo.

Folksam CRS test 2019

Julkaistu: 22.3.2019
Folksam CRS test 2019

The Swedish incurance company has in it's CRS test 2019 obtained the Klippan Century and Triofix Maxi with their "Good Choice" label.

Download Certificate: Klippan Century

Download Certificate: Triofix Maxi

Seats tested by Folksam and obtained the Good Choice label.

Klippan DSV-Cargo 3-2018 julkaisussa

Julkaistu: 18.12.2018

Klippan taas mainittu. Tällä kertaa ollan edustettuna DSVn Cargo 3-2018 julkaisussa.

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Good News Finland 22.8.2018

Julkaistu: 22.8.2018

An article by Good News Finland has been publisehd 22.8.2018

Link to article:

Klippan Kauppalehdessä 14.6.2018

Julkaistu: 14.6.2018

Kauppalehti oli kesäkuun alussa tutustumassa toimintaamme Vantaalla. Liitteenä on juttu siitä.

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Start of production of the Triofix Maxi

Julkaistu: 19.2.2018
Start of production of the Triofix Maxi

We have now started the production of Triofix Maxi. The version is an addition to the Triofix series.

The production of Klippan Century has started

Julkaistu: 6.11.2017
The production of Klippan Century has started

We have now started the production of Klippan Century, a only RWF (up to 25kg) child seat.

The seat is Plus tested.

Leo Martin, 50 years at Klippan

Julkaistu: 11.9.2017

We celebrate 11.9.2017 CEO Leo Martin's, 50 years of service at Klippan.

ISO9001:2015 and ISO14001:2015

Julkaistu: 21.8.2017

Oy Klippan Ab has been granted the updated quality- and environmentcertificate (ISO9001:2015 and ISO14001:2015.

KISS2 Plus asennusvideo julkaistu

Julkaistu: 21.8.2017

Uusin video julkaisu on KISS 2 Plus istuimen asennusvideo. Video katsottavissa linkistä.

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The Strongest in Finland 2007-2017

Julkaistu: 25.1.2017

Klippan has been awarded the Strongest in Finland Platinum 2007-2017 credit rating certificate.

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