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Klippan CarGO Child seat 40-105cm 20kg

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Product description

Klippan CarGO is a pure rear-facing car seat. Klippan CarGO is an iSize seat approved according to the UN R129-3 standard, in the class 40-105cm / max 20kg. The Klippan CarGO seat has passed the Plus-test by the Swedish VTI.

  • Product group: Child seat (according to i-Size UN R 129-3 standard.
  • Group: 4-105cm, recommended max weight 20kg.
  • Baby infant 40-85cm / Childseat 85-105cm
  • Removable insert 40-60cm
  • Seat cover with unlaminated fabric, reduces the use of chemical.
  • 10mm foam in the seat cover. Durable and washable polyesterfabric.
  • Foldable and removable carry handle.
  • Installationmethod: Rearwardfacing on base.
  • Plus tested according to 105cm
  • Personal serialnumber for tracking.

Plus test number: 0048

Approvalnumber: E9*129R03/06*1040*00

Weight of seat (with base) 12,2kg
Lenght of childs back max approx. 42cm
Widht of soulder on child max approx. 32cm

Washing instructions on seat cover:

Technical information

Klippan CarGO is a rear-facing safety seat that is installed in the car with a separate iSize base. The base is installed in the car's isofix/iSize mounts, so separate installation tapes are not needed, and the possibility of incorrect installation is thus minimized.

The design of the seat was based on our earlier KISS 2 Plus seat. We wanted to bring this successful concept to a new level, so many familiar characteristics have been preserved. The main principle is that the seat grows with your child.

Like other Klippan seats, the Klippan CarGO seat is fixed to the base with the fixing tubes under the seat. The front tube guides and enables the locking mechanism to work, while the rear tube locks the seat to the base. In this way, the possibility of incorrect installation is also reduced.

The Klippan CarGO car seat is suitable from a newborn up to a 105 cm / 20 kg child. As the child grows, the separate baby cushion is removed from use (40-60cm), so the dimensions of the seat increase and are therefore suitable for a bigger child. The baby cushion in question has been designed especially precisely so that it provides the best possible protection for the child. The padding has e.g. different layers of force-reducing materials.

The 8-stage adjustment of the shoulder belt and neck support is integrated and easily adjustable. The seat has a carrying handle for a newborn. When the carrying handle is no longer in use, you can store it in the designated storage place on the back of the seat, so the handle won't get lost either.

Klippan CarGO is equipped with 5P belt. The central adjustment of the seat is placed in the front part of the seat for protection, thus avoiding dirt that can weaken the operation of the central adjustment. To prevent children to climb out from the harness during travelling, the Klippan CarGO has an integrated chest-clip in the shoulder-pads. The chest-clip is attached into the sleeves by velcro, assuring there will not be pressure in the chest in a possible accident.

Klippan CarGO seatcover is sewn in accordance with our quality and environmental principles. We do not laminate our fabrics, but sew the different layers (base fabric - foam - outer fabric) together. As we find the comfortable travelling important for the child, we use 10mm thick foam in the cover. 

Since we do not laminate the fabrics, we also do not use adhesives in production. The cover is easily removable and washable.





Product documentation


Life span

Life span of the Klippan CarGO seat is 10 years from date of purchase, as far as storage and use has been according to instructions.

My car is not mentioned in the vechile-list

If your car is not on the list, check the car's manual to see which type of Isofix seat is suitable for it. The Klippan CarGO is suitable for cars with D and E group Isofix mounts.

Serial number

The serial number is written on a white label at the back of the seat (behind manual). The first numbers of the series of numbers tell the time of manufacture and the rest of the series of numbers tell about batch tracking.

A product involved in an accident

We recommend that a product involved in an accident, shall not be used anymore.

Tensioning of belts
We recommend pre-tensioning the hip and shoulder straps before tightening the center adjustment. When tensioning the central adjuster strap, the strap must be pulled straight out. Note that thick clothing can make it difficult to tighten properly.


The Klippan CarGO can be reclined, with the recline system integrated in the base, when child is sitting in the seat. However, we recommend the recline function is performed when the car is stationary.


Klippan childseats can be recycled according to instructions in the manual.

Low level of Chemicals

The seat-covers on Klippan childseats are produced without lamination of the fabric. This results in a very low Chemical level.

Has the product or model you have been looking for run out of stock?

If the product or model you have been looking for is out of stock, subscribe to availability notification.

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